lebanon screw products, inc.

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 Lebanon Screw Products, Inc. is a CNC and Swiss screw machine job shop in the northern part of the Connecticut River Valley in Windsor, the birthplace of Vermont. We are a family business and have proudly been in operation since 1977.

Our capabilities are extremely varied as we have experience producing many different components for very different industries. Some of the industries we produce for include medical, optical, motion control, photonics, fiber optic and microwave and defense. We also produce a variety of products for portable automotive devices including on car machining rotor matching units, specialized pipeline modification tools and we produce many specialized products for the defense sector with our FFL license.

We have experience machining various different types of metals, including heat treated steels, aluminum, high temperature plastics and titanium as well as Boron Nitride.  Our typical production runs could be as few as 10 parts or as many as you require depending on your part configuration.

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If you think that we could be of help to you in turning your product ideas or inventions into production or marking your product or product line, please contact us for a quote

About us.....

We have transformed our business over the years to accommodate and grow with our customers by constantly updating our machines, standards of quality and manufacturing processes.   We have several swiss cnc machines and the latest milling machines and equipment to offer you the best product we can.   

We have had great opportunities and have been fortunate to do business with many individuals and provide them with engineering assistance to produce their own unique products. We are very versatile in our capabilities as well and have experience with large customers requiring high quantity orders that we produce and are able to quote your requirements for the year and release them to you monthly to give our customers the flexibility to organize and schedule their projections accordingly.

Our Employee training is done a little differently here at LSP, we employ mostly family here at our facility. To ensure the dedication required to work here, we train individuals who are interested on Saturday's for about two months, similar to a paid internship and then they are able to decide at the end of the training period if it is a good fit for them as well as us.  We practice very lean manufacturing standards to produce the highest quality precision product that we can for each customer.